Julie Reilly murder: Life sentence for killer who chopped up victim

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Andrew Wallace
Image caption Andrew Wallace was previously convicted of killing a woman when he was 15

A convicted killer has been jailed for at least 28 years for murdering a woman in Glasgow and dismembering her body.

Andrew Wallace was given a mandatory life sentence for killing Julie Reilly, 47, in her Govan flat in February last year.

Wallace, 42, cut off her legs with a knife and put the remains in plastic bags and suitcases, before burying them near Ms Reilly’s home.

Judge Lady Rae told him he was guilty of an “evil and despicable act”.

The judge told Wallace, who had shown a complete lack of remorse: “You are a dangerous man who has a considerable propensity for violence.”

It is the second killing Wallace had committed.

He was just 15 when he was found guilty of culpable homicide in 1992.

Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption Ms Reilly was reported missing in February 2018

Wallace was arrested for Ms Reilly’s murder after the discovery of body parts close to her home.

Only two of Julie’s leg bones have been recovered.

Her sister, Lynne Bryce, has appealed to Wallace to reveal the location of her remains.

Ms Bryce and other members of her family were in court to hear the details of the murder as Wallace was sentenced.

The High Court in Glasgow was told that Ms Reilly had a brain injury which caused problems with her memory, slowed her reactions and affected her speech.

She was befriended by Wallace, and had allowed him to stay with her at her home in Shieldhall Road after he had split up from his girlfriend in December 2017.

She thought he would help to care for her, but the court heard that he saw her as being “easy to manipulate and rip off”.

Image caption After she went missing, a forensic team examined a piece of land close to where Ms Reilly lived

The last recorded sighting of Ms Reilly was at Aldi in Paisley Road West on 6 February at about 17:00.

The following day Wallace told a friend he needed “to get rid of a body”.

He also sent texts claiming that Ms Reilly had moved to the Penilee area of Glasgow.

On 9 February, Wallace arrived at a friend’s house and told him he had hit a deer while out driving and wanted to sell the meat.

Human remains

He came back the following afternoon dragging a large brown suitcase, which appeared to be heavy.

Prosecutor Richard Goddard QC said: “The accused claimed that it was meat from the deer. In fact the case contained part of the remains of Julie Reilly.

“At some point that night the accused left the flat with the suitcase.”

The next day, 11 February, Wallace went to the flat of another friend carrying a large blue suitcase.

Image caption Human remains were found close to Ms Reilly’s home

He told the friend he had been thrown out by Ms Reilly and the case contained his dirty washing.

In fact it contained more human remains.

Wallace was asked to leave by his friend and left, taking the suitcase with him.

Ms Reilly was reported missing by worried relatives on 15 February last year after failing to turn up to several appointments.

She also missed her grandson’s first birthday.

Her mother Margaret Hanlon and sister Lynne Brace made an emotional appeal for her return.

When police examined Julie’s flat as part of the missing person’s investigation, they found traces of blood in the hall, kitchen, bedrooms and living room.

Julie’s blood was also found in the bath and Wallace’s fingerprint was found mixed with Julie’s blood on the front of the washing machine.

Shoe prints in blood were also found which matched training shoes seized from Wallace.

On 19 April a member of the public found a bone with flesh attached in his front garden in Ardshiel Road.

It was found to be Julie’s right femur.

Days later another person contacted the police about an apparent burial site at Drumoyne Drive.

A bone was found there which was identified as Julie’s left femur.

Mr Goddard added: “The precise circumstances of the murder are not known. To date neither the suitcases seen in possession of the accused, nor the rest of the body of Julie Reilly, has been recovered.”

Wallace’s defence lawyer Ian Duguid told the court the killing had come after an argument.

“Julie Reilly had taken a knife and presented it at him,” he said.

“He took that from her and stabbed her in the chest. This is his explanation as to how she met her death.

“A shocking crime exacerbated by what followed it. Going to such lengths was either desperation or a reflection on his thought process.”


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